Do you guys remember Atari? We used to play their games all day long and we loved every second of it. just take a look at the following names: Space Invaders, Kaboom!, Combat, Atlantis, Asteroids, Breakout, etc. So many memories and fun back in the days… Anyway, I am happy to let you know that one of these games has a new updated version – Atari Breakout.

First of all, this is a kind of remake of a legendary online game, it has a brand new design, graphics, and looks to it. The idea of the game as well as the objective is pretty much the same, hit the ball as many times as it is required in order to destroy all of the colored tiles on the map. Pretty simple objective and easy to follow.

There is only one rule to the game, no matter what do not let your ball to pass your paddle, otherwise, it is instant game over!

Game modes
An updated version of the game has some cool new features to it as well, you can choose different difficulties in the game: normal mode, hard and impossible. Normal mode is pretty easy and provides the default amount of points, hard mode is more challenging and offers a triple amount of scores and impossible, well the name already suggests how hard this mode is and it also has a great reward to it – x5 score multiplier!

By the way guys, the game gets constant updates from time to time, there might be new modes available in the near future, keep that in mind!

Oh, I just love this feature, it is so much fun. From time to time, when you break tiles, broken tiles will drop different power-ups, pick them up in order to get cool upgrades. In some cases you will be able to shoot projectiles and destroy tiles more efficiently, in some cases you will increase the size of your platform, slow down the speed of the ball, etc. Each power-up has its own unique logo so you will get some ideas of what you are receiving.

The history behind the game
This game is really old and has some history behind it, it started when gaming was a new thing, in 1976! Can you imagine that? Shocking isn’t it? Since then, there have been a lot of different versions of the game, somewhere pretty good, others kind of lame, but anyway, this is a really old game and I would say legendary arcade game – Atari Breakout!

Number one suggestion is to stay calm, no need to worry at all, don’t be afraid to make mistakes, this way you will actually avoid them. Also, don’t rush to grab those shining beautiful power-ups when they drop, first of all, analyze the situation carefully. Quite often the ball will fly in different directions and the power-up will drop in different locations, do not be greedy and sacrifice your victory for the sake of power-ups!

Mobile version?
Of course, it has one, this game is so iconic in fact it has tons of different editions and the best part is, it is completely free and supported both by iOS and Android! Check our download links below.

Video guide
Wanna see how pro players play this game? Take a look at the following video from YouTube, it might help you to understand the basics of the game.

Atari Breakout is pretty fun and relaxing arcade game, it is both entertaining and thrilling often. You will have to show your best gaming skills in order to succeed in the hard mode of the game or in the impossible one, but it is worth it, you will improve your skills and fast response in the process.

Scroll up, start playing the game and enjoy a legendary arcade game with a brand new edition.